ABOUT MATTHEW WOOD (Freelance filmmaker & artist based in London)

A-brim with quiet charm, Matt sees the world as an artist does (which is good, because that’s kind of what he is). He is a master of mood and texture, conveying much with little and doing more with less. His work is quiet, understated and beautiful; he disappears behind the camera and observes, picking out the moments that others might not see and capturing the details that often go unnoticed. Basically if you want something to look really lovely whilst also seething with an undefined significance, you go to him. Or he’s quite good to share a pie and a pint with too. Words by Maker Projects.

BA with First Class Honours in Interactive Arts (Specialising in filmmaking). Manchester School of Art: 2007-2010.

Fancy Clown awarded 'Runner-Up' by Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf (Chris Manak). 2011.
Winner of the 'Best Artist Film Award' at Exposures Film Festival for Umbrella Girl. 2010.

The Strangest Thing. Riverside Studios. Hammersmith, London, England. London Surf/Film Festival 2012.
The Strangest Thing. Chapel Porth, Cornwall, England. The World Bellyboard Championships 2012.
Curtains. Shown as part of 'Manchester: Beyond Oasis'. The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, England. 2012.
Work shown as part of Imogen Heap's Love The Earth Film. The Royal Albert Hall. London, England. 2010.
Umbrella Girl. The Cornerhouse. Manchester, England. Exposures Film Festival, 2010.
Umbrella Girl. The Holden Gallery. Manchester, England. Interactive Arts Show, 2010.

The Strangest Thing featured in 'The return of the surfer' Edition 29. Magazine. California. 2012.
Fancy Clown featured on StonesThrow. 2011.
Fancy Clown featured on 2011.

All work featured is owned by Matthew Wood unless stated otherwise.