Hello, I'm Matt. A filmmaker/artist from up North. I have moved down to London and I'm looking to get away from the corporate stuff and gain more experience on set and within the filmmaking process in house. I'm keen to build up experience providing picture and video research for treatments, storyboarding music videos and shorts. I’d be happy shooting and editing castings and of course, most of all, on set running for commercials and music videos.

I am a confident user of Final Cut Pro 7 (7.0.3) and I've also picked up Adobe Premiere CS6 again since Final Cut Pro X turned out to be bad news.

I'm also pretty handy with Adobe Photoshop CS6, Apple Pages (5.6) and Apple Keynote (6.6).

I shoot on a 5D/7D and have a basic 5D Mark II camera kit.    I drive, although I do not own a car.

Since moving to London, I have worked on a handful of productions. You can view and download my up to date CV here.

If you pop on over here you can take a look at some of my shooting and editing. And if you pop over here you can see some of the other stuff I put my hands to.
Thank you for your time.

Skype ID: thisismatthewwood    Email:


All work featured is owned by Matthew Wood unless stated otherwise.