Lost? by Coldplay.
Music Video.

'We Work Well Together' was an entry for Coldplay's LOST? Video Competition 2008 and was shortlisted into the final hundred from thousands of applicants. The entry is a collection of  video interpretations contributed to by myself and friends from around the world. Cutting up the song into 15 second segments, they were then given to the volunteers, asking them to film videos influenced by the clip using only their mobile phone cameras. This is because I believed it to be less about the equipment, and it be totally about capturing a moment. Moments that often go unnoticed or dismissed and 'LOST?' in time. Finally collecting the segments and putting them back together creating this music video. The outcome is this visual overload of information, contributed by individuals from all walks of life. This was a beautiful opportunity to explore how people interpret a piece of music and the discovery of  the images that inspired them.

Directed and edited by Matthew Wood.
Toni Nel.
James Edmondson.
Isaac Moores.
Rachel Higham.
Christina Chua.
Jessica Littler.
Matthew Wood.
Bethany Belfield.
Kate Stirling.
Gavin Tickle.
Victoria Murphy.
Soundtrack: Coldplay - Lost?

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